3 Reasons Why You Should Do The Color Run

This blog post was written based on my own personal opinion and I was not compensated in any form to write this review. 

For this week’s “Motivation Monday”  I want to encourage you to walk/run a 5 k!

A few weeks ago, two of my friends and I participated in The Color Run.  Here are the three main reasons I would recommend that you give it a try.

1.) It was so much fun!

The atmosphere is all about having fun. There were several people who just walked the whole race and then there were others who ran the whole race. Everyone there really seemed to be enjoying themselves. So if you’re a new or experienced runner then I think you would still feel like you fit in.

2.) The color stations make the race go by faster.

They have color stations spread out throughout the race. I personally feel that it gave me something to keep looking forward to throughout the race. It also helped to break things up so that it did not get boring at all. I think this really helped the race to feel like it went by more quickly.

3.) Fun for the whole family. 

There were people of all ages in attendance at the race. The color run would be a great opportunity to do something fun together while getting in some exercise too.


The colors they use are in the form of a powder.The website states that the powder is non toxic. I wore sunglasses while running and did not have any issues with the powder getting in my eyes. However, I was blowing out blue snot for a couple of days after the race. I would recommend wearing a bandanna or something to cover your nose/mouth with.

Have you participated in The Color Run? Comment below about your experience!



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