Motivation Monday Spotlight

When most people start to make healthier choices in their lives, they typically feel like they have to go full force and quit all of their bad habits cold turkey. In fact, this is the key to most fad diets that exist. What usually happens in those situations? You eventually give up! It is too hard! That’s why I try to help people to realize it is about taking small steps. Little changes every day can help you to develop better lifestyle habits in the long run. Today’s spotlight has a good understanding of that concept.

This week’s Motivation Monday spotlight is my friend, Hazell. Hazell is a mother of three and is currently working a full-time job here in Dallas. Below is what Hazell had to say about her health goals.


What is your work-out routine?

“I don’t have a set routine. I work out by doing the littlest things, such as walking up the stairs instead of the elevator and during my breaks at work. I also like to run. Currently I am running for two days straight and then I take a break for one day. Whenever the kids are out or I have free time then I also like to do workout videos online”

What motivates you to keep working out?

“Age! I feel that exercise helps to keep you looking younger. My self-confidence, kids and the fact that I just want to feel healthy also motivates me”.

What advice would you give other mothers who struggle to find time to work-out?

“Start small. Make small changes to your routine and eating habits. Also, surround yourself with people that help to motivate you”.

What is most helpful in keeping you on track?

“Prepping my meals is really helpful. My friend Monique inspired me to do this. It also ends up being cheaper and helps me to control my calorie intake”.

What is your favorite healthy meal?

“Chicken breast with various spices is my favorite”.

Hazell also added that “It is ok to lapse during the process as long as you keep trying”.


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“Start Small. Make small changes to your routine and eating habits.”


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