Motivation Monday Spotlight

One excuse I hear people tell me is that they simply “do not have the time” to work-out, prep meals or even cook meals at home. I think this is an excuse many people struggle with because it is easy to justify that excuse in our minds. I have even been guilty of this myself at certain points in my life. This week’s motivation Monday focuses on my friend, Monique.

Monique is a wife, a mother to a one year old and works a full-time job here in Dallas. Monique has not always put her health and fitness first, but has learned to make time for herself.  I sat down with Monique and asked her some questions about her fitness and food routine.


What is your fitness routine?

“I do 25 minutes of cardio every morning before work. After I get home from work, I do 25 more minutes of cardio and spend 10-15 minutes each day weight lifting.”

What motivates you to keep working out?

“My main motivation is looking good and feeling good. I am also more energetic throughout the day when I work-out”

What advice would you give other mothers who struggle to find time to work-out?

“Stop making excuses! Everyone can make time to work-out. Trade your TV time for workout time”.

What is most helpful in keeping you on Track?

“My co-workers and friends help me to make healthy choices while I am at work, but my husband is my biggest motivator.”

What is your favorite healthy meal?

“I love to eat a nice lean steak with brown rice and broccoli. It may not sound very appetizing but it is very fulfilling and I have grown to love it.”


Monique also added some other advice…

“Making healthy choices is a lot easier when you have people to do it with. Even if you don’t…. when people see you make healthy choices then that encourages them to also want to make healthy choices. Be your own motivation and you will be someone else’s motivation”.

Monique is currently participating in an eight week fitness/health challenge with her co-workers. Stay tuned for an update about how she does!

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