Keeping Your Eye on the Prize is Key

Photo Source: Pexel

I am the type of person that enjoys listening to music or podcasts while doing other tasks such as cleaning or exercising. I also LOVE listening to things that allow me to learn new information too. Recently, I was listening to several TEDx talks and I came across one that I really wanted to share.

In this particular TEDx Talk, researcher Emily Balcetis shares her findings on “why some people find exercise harder than others”.

To summarize this video, Emily states that everyone has a different perception. How we see things (including exercise) varies greatly from person to person. Emily’s research showed that when participants focused on keeping “their eyes on the prize”, it made a big difference.  Participants who really focused on the finish line  felt the distance traveled was shorter, that they used less energy to perform the exercise, and they literally moved 23% faster than the participants who were not focusing on the finish line.

The take away from this video is that if you focus on the prize in any task that you are trying to complete then you just might enjoy the process better and be more efficient while doing so!

If you have an extra 14 minutes to spare then I highly encourage you to watch the whole video here.


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