6 Tips to help you “Savor the Flavor” during National Nutrition Month


It is National Nutrition Month! Here are six tips to help you… “Savor the Flavor”

  • Practice eating mindfully

Most people don’t really think about their food while they are eating it. Hit the pause button while enjoying your meal. Tune out any distractions such as the television or computer. Think about how the food tastes and how it makes you feel. Truly enjoy each bite! For more information on eating mindfully follow my blog by email! I will be adding posts on this topic soon!

  • Try new recipes

Let’s face it, we often get tired of eating the same thing over and over again. But you should not have to do that! There are so many delicious recipes out there in the webosphere. Pick a few favorites and try a new recipe every week during National Nutrition Month!

  • Create a new recipe

Personally, whenever I create a new recipe, it really makes me focus on how I can enjoy the food I am making. It is also a lot of fun trying different spice and ingredient combinations!

  • Host a dinner party

Show off the new recipes you have found/created! Food is usually a topic of conversation at most dinner parties, so it would be a perfect time to discuss your new recipes and National Nutrition Month.

  • Teach someone else

Do you have a child or younger family member who could benefit from learning some new skills in the kitchen? Help them to make a healthy and delicious recipe with you.

  • Volunteer at a food bank

From experience, volunteering at a food bank really helped me to have a better perspective on all the blessings that I have daily and helped me to learn to appreciate the food that I have more. How can you truly enjoy something if you always take it for granted?


For more information on National Nutrition Month please click here.

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