Meal Planning 101

I would be absolutely lost during the week if I did not plan my meals ahead of time. So today I am going to share with you my process for planning meals.

I go grocery shopping every 2 weeks. Sometimes I will make stops to the store in between “shopping days” to pick up some fresh produce. Once my husband and I are able to get a bigger freezer and I have more room to store pre-prepped meals then I hope to only have a “shopping day” every 3-4 weeks.

Prior to going grocery shopping, I grab all my cookbooks and my dry erase calendar. I go through and pick out recipes and plan my menu for all of our lunches and dinners. I even plan for leftovers or if I know that we will be eating out. After I have picked out my recipes and filled in my calendar, then I create my grocery list based on my menu. After I am finished writing out my grocery list, I put the menu/calendar on my fridge and go grocery shopping!

This really helps my husband and I to stay on the same page and to plan our days and evenings better. It removes the great debate of “What are we having for dinner”. My husband is also the one who always remembers to get the meat out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator to defrost.   Since I have a handy menu available… all he has to do is look at it to see what he needs to get out!

Steps to planning a menu:

  • Gather your recipes/cook books
  • Have a menu/calendar to write on and display
  • Pick your recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the specified time period.
  • Write out your choices for each meal on the menu/calendar
  • Create a grocery list based on the menu
  • Display the menu for the whole family to see
  • Go grocery Shopping!

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