#1 Holiday Tip-Focus on your family, not on the food!

In America, holidays are usually associated with family and food. Many of us struggle with making healthy and balanced choices for ourselves throughout the holiday season. It can be a hard time emotionally for anyone who struggles with their relationship with food. For these reasons, I encourage you and your family to start finding ways to celebrate the holidays without focusing so much on the food.

This year my husband and I are not traveling to visit family for the holidays. So we have been planning a fun day for us to spend together. Yes, we are planning to make a nice meal to have on Christmas day, however we also have other plans to make the day fun and it allows us to celebrate the holiday without the primary focus being on food.

It has been a Christmas tradition for us for a few years to watch a movie called “The Christmas Bunny” on Christmas day. This started after we got a pet bunny of our own. This is something I always look forwarding to doing.


This year I have started a new tradition for us that I may have borrowed from British traditions. I have bought Eric and myself some “Christmas Crackers” to enjoy. These are basically little packages that two people pull on each end to open. Inside the packages are toys/trinkets and a paper crown to wear on your head!



Another part of British culture that I am planning to incorporate into my holidays is tea! Sharing a cup of hot tea with friends and family can be a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. (Shout out to my dear friend, Kay, for introducing me to so many amazing types of hot tea).

Note: I have not yet tried the tea below! But I am excited to! DSC_0432

Other ideas could include playing board games, going to see the new Star Wars movie, or even doing outside activities with your family. If you live in a warmer climate then take your family on a walk! If you live in a colder climate then spend some time playing in the snow!

Taking the focus away from the food at holidays can help everyone to enjoy the holidays more and focus on what is really important which is spending time with family and friends.

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