Taco Salad


Taco Salad
Recipe Makes 5 Servings
1lb of ground turkey
1 packet of your favorite low-sodium taco seasoning packet
1-2 bags of lettuce
Your favorite Veggies (these are what I used):
Bell Peppers
1 can reduce sodium black beans
1-2 tablespoons Plain Greek yogurt (Sour cream substitute)
~1 oz reduced fat cheese
1/2 tablespoon Hot Sauce (optional)
~ 1 oz tortilla strips salad topping (optional)

Wash and dice up the vegetables you chose for your salad.
Cook ground turkey in a skillet on medium heat until cooked. Drain off any excess grease or liquid. Add the taco seasoning and follow the instructions on the taco seasoning package.
Open the can of black beans and drain out the excess water. Optional: I usually rinse and drain the beans again before cooking to remove any extra sodium.
Add the beans to the meat. Cook on low for another 5 minutes.
Wash the lettuce and portion it out onto your plate or bowl. Add the prepared vegetables to your salad.
Add the meat and bean mixture to your salad.
Top with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt, hot sauce and cheese if desired.

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